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    Colorado Crossroads:



    18 Rox:

    The 18′s had a tough first day in Denver. They started off with the #2 overall seed the first match. After an incredibly played match, TC lost in set 3, 16-18. They lost the next two matches of the day in 3. They are playing some of their best volleyball of the season right now and are proving to be a tough TEAM to beat! They won the rest of their matches, wining flight 2A and finishing 37th overall.

    Volleyfest #1

    11 Rox: Tournament Champions


    11 Navy: 2nd Place Silver


    14 Red:

    This weekend was so much fun!

    I think for the first time playing together the girls did wonderful!

    Once the “first game jitters” were out of the way, going into the 2nd set you could really see them begin to relax. We had some serving issues (all weekend), some more so than others, and our passing could have been better.

    After losing our first game, the girls were a little discouraged, but ready to take on DVA in our 2nd game, we played them a pretty good game, but fell short.  In our 3rd game against Wizard 14 red…we took them to 3 sets, and WON, to take 3rd place in our pool.  Sunday morning in the first round for the silver, we lost to Palm Beach Jrs., but not before putting up a fight, they played hard but just made too many serving errors and that took us out of the game.


    15 Red:

    In the first of three Palm Beach Junior’s Volleyfest tournaments, over the next three months, TC 15-Red knows where they stand.  “With one win each day the team knows how they stack up compared to the competition,” said Coach Blair Wickstrom.  Odds are we’ll be playing many of the same teams during the next two Volleyfest tournaments.  With that being the case it gives us a good chance to gauge our progress for the season.  Already we’ve seen some improvement based on how we competed against a team from a previous tournament.  Three weeks ago it took a tough three set win to beat a team which we beat 25-10 in the decisive second set this weekend.  Our goal in the next Volleyfest tournament will be to beat one of the teams that beat us.


    The bar has been set, we know where we stand.  Each player has improved since the start of the season, overall ball control is much better.  However to get to the point of beating one of the better teams each player will need to improve much more and that’ll come with quality practices.


    OVA Invitational

    12 Rox: 3rd Place Gold Club

    Hopefully good confidences boost moving forward. We went undefeated for the first time this year in pool play not dropping a game. The girls advanced to the semi’s with a solid victory over Miami Elite to fall to the eventual Champions Florida Suns. Keep up the hard work, jump rope every day and do some push-ups. You are great girls lets be ready for Cloverleaf.

    13 Rox:


    14 Navy:

    Last weekend saw us in a three-way tie again for pool play. This time we came out on top and won our pool!  Day two we won our first match in the gold division and then came up against a very seasoned team. The girls rose to the occasion and played awesome volleyball staying right with them. I am looking forward to seeing this level of play continue. This is a great group of young ladies!


    14 Rox:


    15 Rox:


    16 Navy:


    17 Rox:

    TCVB 17 Rox played well this weekend and ended the OVA invitational tied for 3rd in Silver division and once again finished in top 12 out of 50+ teams.

    We started off the weekend with a good win against Florida Suns then dropped a close match to Miami Elite.  Our third match of the day was, once again, with the #1 team in the tournament (Tampa United) where we played well but were still out matched against this team.  Sunday in our first match of the day was another tough match up against Tribe 17 where the team played really well and competed well but fell short, losing a close one in two sets.  The team is getting better every weekend and the players are all starting to see their potential.  We are looking forward to Cloverleaf in two weeks.


    12 Rox:

    12’s Rode a bit of a roller-coaster this weekend. We had some really great high’s: Being tied at 20-20 with USA South, coming back from 22-24 down in the second set after losing the first set and winning the match. We also had some moments where things didn’t go as planned: missing 9 serves in one game, losing a couple close matches to teams we were better then. I believe we learned one huge thing: We belong in open with other teams that want and desire to use three hits a play real volleyball. Nice job to all and we look forward to next weekend.

    13 Rox:


    14 Navy:

    14 navy only lost 1 match all weekend but that one caused a tie-breaker which dropped them to bronze. The girls responded like champs and won the bronze division. Very Proud of all of you!

    14 Rox:


    15 Rox:


    16 Navy:


    16 Rox:


    17 Rox:

    TCVB 17 Rox ended a difficult weekend of play tied for 5th in Silver division and finished in top 12 out of 50+ teams this weekend.  Playing in the open division in this tournament turned out to be a difficult task going 1 and 6 over the three day tournament.  The highlight of the weekend was when we defeated Venetian Bay in straight sets.  Venetian Bay was comprised mostly of members from Venice HS, the 2015 class 6A state championship team.   Another highlight was having many college coaches at courtside all weekend long to watch the extremely high level of volleyball being played on that court.  Hopefully we can continue this high level of play for the upcoming OVA tournament.

    18 Rox:

    Ft. Lauderdale Invitational:

    12-Rox: 5th in Gold

    Way to go! The 12’s really stepped up their game this weekend and showed their potential. When we served aggressive and strong we really kept teams off balanced. In our Final match we lost in three, 15-11 in the third to a very experienced team putting a real scare into them. Great job to all and look forward to Tampa.

    13-Rox: 5th in Gold National


    14-Navy: 1st in Gold American

    The girls are finally getting used to playing with each other and are getting in the groove.  I am so proud of each and every one of them.

    14-Rox: 3rd in Silver National


    15-Rox: 1st in Silver National

    We really came together as a team and took care of business. So many memorable points and plays, and even a couple frosty’s! Team is showing they can be something special.

    16-Navy: 5th in Gold American


    16-Rox: 3rd in Gold National

    This weekend was a successful one! The girls battled through adversity and played extremely well Saturday finishing 3-0 in our pool and advancing into gold the next morning. We played extremely well in the quarterfinals match on Sunday morning before losing in the semifinals. The girls are starting to see the improvements they are making in practice reflect in the game! Overall the girls played great this weekend, and we are excited to get back to work and get ready for Tampa in 2 weeks!

    17-Rox: 3rd in Gold National

    The 17 Rox team had another great weekend of volleyball at the Ft. Lauderdale invitational.  We went 3 and 0 in pool play on Saturday and finished 1st in our pool.  On Sunday we won our first match and made it to the semifinals before losing to UPPS 17 which gave us a third place overall in the Gold division.

    18-Rox: 3rd in Gold National

    18′s are finally starting to play together as a TEAM. Saturday looked very promising as they took down the #1 overall seed in Palm Beach Juniors, and lost on Sunday in a tough match to Florida Suns on Sunday. They are eager to perform well in Tampa in two weeks.

    AAU Tournament:

    15-Red: Third in Gold

    In a competitive pool TC-15 battled back to force a three way tie earning a semifinal match in the Gold Bracket.  “It was a good tournament for our team, each player had opportunities to make plays to help us win points,” said Coach Wickstrom.  “Jillian Sechrist passed well all day, middle hitter Caitlyn Leadabrand had some timely blocks and several nice kills and Lexi Piscitello kept us in several matches winning points with aggressive jump serves.”  All in all it was a good first showing for Treasure Coast 15-Red.




    This weekend in Orlando the girls learned a ton about the game and the concepts of playing as a team! They played great on Day 1 going 2-1 advancing to gold for Day 2. The competition level of our pool the second day was at an extremely high level. The girls battled extremely hard and showed a lot of character to battle back out of some tough spots. Although going 0-3 on Sunday the girls were just 8 points away from taking 2nd in the tough pool and advancing to gold going into the bracket play! The girls made it into silver and played JJVA in bracket play. In the loss the team learned that in order for us to be at the top of our level we have to be able to limit our mistakes and force other teams to play out points and earn points. The girls faced a lot of adversity this weekend, but through it all mattered to stay together as a unit, and proceed to move on to the next point! We are looking forward to getting back to work this week. Overall as coaches we saw a lot of great things this weekend for the girls and are very excited about the next tournament to build on to what the girls have learned already!


    The 17 Rox team had a great weekend at the MLK tournament.  We finished third in pool play on day one, finished second in pool play on day two and went on to place fifth in the Bronze division losing in the quarter finals DVT 17 BLack.

    On Saturday, we went 1 and 2 losing to OVA 17 Asics and Tampa Elite 17 but beat Wolfpack Elite in three (23-35, 25-19, 15-10).  It was a rough start since Coach Sawtelle couldn’t be with the team that day (official recruiting trip for his son Nico at USF) but assistant coach Evin Foster and Coach Paula Passmore did a great job filling the gaps against 3 really tough teams.

    On Day two we defeated St Pete (25-19, 27-25) behind great defense from Olivia Johnson, Hannah Koedam and Lexi Kirkhart.  They kept the ball in play so our setters, Shelby Parker, Summer Magliochetti and (sometimes) Kiana Sawtelle could get the ball to our outside hitters, Hanah Francoeur and Jessie Dorman, as well as our middles Morgan McDonald, Jaycie Wegner (AKA: J-Tall) and Marissa Kunda.  Our next match was against Pinellas Heat, a longtime rival and defeated them too (25-21, 25-21).  Kiana, Shelby and Hanah F (AKA: Franky) led the way on offense by putting the ball down when we needed it.  Game three

    Unfortunately didn’t go our way, losing to FSVB Suns (22-25, 24-26).  Too many mistakes and 7 service errors cost us that game.  As you can see, each game was a battle and the players (including the coaches) were exhausted when we left the gym at 11pm.

    The last day was bracket play and our first match was against DVT 17 Black.  We started off slow and lost ground as the match wore on losing 25-13, 25-10.  We finished the tournament 5th in Bronze and feel like we did a good job considering this was our first time playing together.

    All in all it was a great start to what should be a great season.  Thank you to all the parents and family members who came and supported our girls throughout the weekend, we really appreciate it.  Also, a big thank you goes out to Paula Passmore who stood in for me on Friday and spent the whole weekend with us coaching up the girls when they needed help.


    We accomplished our goal for the weekend. We know our rotations now and can change our focus to working as a unit during those rotations. We played well against every team being hurt by a server or two on each team. Once our serve receive comes together the sky is the limit. Remember to JUMP ROPE every day. The way to play better defense and serve receive is to have quick feet! We are very proud of you and look forward to our next tournament!


    Big hits and a lot of heart is how the 13 Rox started off Saturday in a five-team pool. Our first two matches we saw two strong teams with a little more experience and size than our girls, which caused a little intimidation. The girls were able to quickly shake off the nervous jitters time they reached their third match. Unfortunately it was not enough to clinch the win in a 3 set thriller match. After getting confidence in themselves, they were able to get their feet under them and played tough during the last two matches of the tournament. The girls played their hearts out this weekend and learned a lot about teamwork and communication.


    Our team got second in pool play on day one making it to the GOLD bracket. On day two we lost in our 1st match putting us at 2-2 for the tournament.  We are a group that has some seasoned players, new club players and those that have never played before so I am excited to see the growth during the season. Can’t wait till the next tournament!


    The girls did very well for our first tournament! They trusted each other on the court, and made adjustments when needed. Overall, I cannot wait to get back in the gym to work towards the gold division for our next tournament! A special shout out to Amanda Sills who helped us make an amazing comeback by serving 12 points straight and not letting anything fall back row!! GO TC 14 ROX!


    We can only go up from here! I’ve never been one to focus on a win/loss column. Volleyball has so many areas that are un-measurable. For example, one cannot measure the amount of heart the 15 Rox team has. To be able to walk on and off the court, keeping a fresh mind, holding their heads up, still coming together after every point. That takes real heart and passion for the game.  You can’t measure the amount of maturity we grew from this weekend either. How we grew as a team after every point! I look forward to the next team to face us, boy are they in for a surprise!!!


    Navy did very well for their first tournament. This weekend was more of a learning experience for the team and coaching staff.  Some amazing rallies and 2 tough 3 set matches. Sunday’s match was so exciting. We took the first set with some confidence but lost the second set 33-31 in a nail biting game. We could not have asked for a better weekend to see what is needed to work on. Awesome work by the 16′s Navy!


    Nicole Walch, former Treasure Coast and Martin County player, has been named to the AVCA 2nd team All-American. Nicole is only the 4th Seminole in school history to make the All-American team. Great job Nicole you make us all so proud.


    Lady Noles make Sweet 16. Nicole Walch, First team

    All-ACC, and Sarah Wickstrom help lead FSU into the

    sweet 16. Next match is December 12th. Good luck ladies!

    2014-15 Information:

    If you are interested in a make-up tryout please contact TCVBDirector@gmail.com.

    Make-ups will be done on an as needed basis to fill any


    Current Openings are:

    18-Rox: 1 Player

    15-Rox: 1 Middle

    14-Red: 1 Middle

    Thank you and have a blessed day.

    The hotel website is http://www.tcvbhotels.com

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    College Commitments

    Join me in congratulating the following seniors for their college commitments:

    Alexandra Lilliquist: Florida International University

    Dani Skelly: Franklin and Marshall University

    Morgan Carter: Indian River State College


    2014-15 Handbook: 2014-15 TCVB Parent Handbook Update

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    2014-15 Try-Out Forms: 2014-15 Try-Out Forms

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    Treasure Coast has 20 kids playing College Volleyball currently. Keep up the great work!

    2014-15 Parent Handbook: 2014-15 TCVB Parent Handbook Update

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    The mission of Treasure Coast Volleyball is to provide as high a level of volleyball as possible while developing important life skills for our members. Treasure Coast Volleyball will strive to enhance leadership skills, teach self-discipline while building self-confidence, encourage teamwork and promote good sportsmanship. Treasure Coast Volleyball will provide support for our youth in their pursuit of personal excellence.

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