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    Volleyfest 3:

    11-Rox: 11 Rox placed 1st for the 3rd consecutive time. Being such a young team, this group of players has the remarkable ability to always give it there all and come back from being behind in their toughest. I am yet again, so proud if all they have accomplished and how much they have grown individually and as a team.

    11-Navy: Great job 11-Navy on finishing 3rd place this weekend. Way to progress!

    14-Navy: Way to work hard! even down two players 14-Navy finished in 3rd place. Keep up the great work.

    TC Beach:

    TC Beach is excited for a new season. We will be running a slightly different format. We will have a head Trainer, Amanda Tippin, and a court coach for each 6-8 players. Thus we will have no more than 8 players training on a court. We will continue the same procedures we have used in the past where you are only paying for the training. We will assist you with registering for tournaments. We will not guarantee coaches at tournaments but are going to try to have different coaches at tournaments to watch and give feedback, coaching during play is not allowed anyway. Each training session thus will be limited to the first 32 players. No partner is necessary for the training or the league. Partners would only be needed if you attend a tournament.

    In addition we are going to add the league play on Monday and Wednesday’s. The league will only have a monitor keeping track of results and making sure the playing areas are safe. The goal would be to have people with partners in a league format and crown a team champion at the end of the session. The other option if people don’t have partners would be a queen of the court format.

    Cost for Training:

    Registration Fee of $75: Registration will include a beach Jersey and a Spalding King of the Beach Volleyball. If you have a Spalding King of the Beach Volleyball you will get a $30 credit.

    Training Fee is $80 per 4 week session.

    Cost for League:

    League Fee is $40 per 4 week league play.


    Training: Tuesday and Thursday from 6-8.

    Session 1: May 12th through June 4th

    Session 2: June 9th through July 2nd

    Session 3: July 7th through July 30th

    League: Monday and Wednesday from 6-8

    Session 1: May 11th through June 3rd

    Session 2: June 8th through July 1st

    Session 3: July 6th through July 29th

    Beach Coaches:

    Head Trainer Amanda Tippin:

    Hello! My name is Amanda Tippin. I am 27 years old and have resided in sunny South Florida for most of my life. I am very excited to have the opportunity to be the Beach Director for Treasure Coast Volleyball! As a native Floridian with a passion for volleyball, I have played volleyball since I was a young girl. I am currently getting my Masters in Forensic Accounting at FAU and have my B.A. in Psychology, as well as a Business Law minor. I have coached volleyball for athletes ranging in age from 11-17 years old for JTAA for the past four years, as well as being a coach at the Club level. I am looking forward to a great beach season!

    Coach Coaches will be a mix of different coaches from our club depending on the number of players. These coaches include Tony Glessner, Ron Jacobs, Paula Passmore and others.

    Registration is now open and trainings are limited to the first 32 players and League is limited to the first 24 players. Go to www.tcvb.net and click Register!


    OVA Pre-Qualifier:

    17 Rox:

    TCVB 17 Rox played in the 18 Division and had another good weekend at the OVA Pre qualifier tied for 3rd in Silver division and once again finished in top 15. We started off the weekend with a tough match against OVA 17 Asics and then played Tampa Elite 17 for out next opponent. Our third match of the day was against KVC 17 National where won a decisive 25-11, 25-15 match.  Sunday in our first match of the day was another tough match up versus PSV 17 West where the team played really well and competed well but fell short, losing a close one in two sets.  The team is still improving every weekend and the players are all starting to see their potential.  We are playing well together as a team and the girls are really bonding.  Hanah Francoer, Jessie Dorman, and Kiana Sawtelle are hitting the ball well while J-Tall Wegner is doing a great job block the other teams big hitters.  Marissa Kunda had her best weekend with several kills and blocks this weekend.  Shelby Parker and Summer Magliochetti are setting the ball well and running a smoother offense.  Hannah Koedam has settled in as our new libero and Lexi Kirkhart is solidifying our defense from the left back spot.  The team is playing better every week and we are ready for the Disney Volleyball Showcase.

    15 Rox: 3rd in Gold

    3rd in Gold! Hard work is paying off!! It’s taken some time to adjust after losing Angel to injury, but the girls have been working very hard to come together and find rhythm again. It’s amazing to see such young talent step up and take on bigger responsibilities for their team. Great job!

    Volleyfest 2:

    14 Navy: 2nd in Gold

    The 14 Navy Pro team ended the weekend with 2nd in Gold! We faced some fantastic competition on Sunday and fell behind the Palm Beach Juniors USA team in the championships 20-25 and 20-25. The girls played well together and boosted each other up in two of the toughest games we faced all season.

    14 Red: 1st in Bronze

    13 Rox: 1st in Gold

    It was my great pleasure to be able to fill in with the 13 Rox team last week and weekend. They are a wonderful group and worked so hard. It’s not always easy to have such a big change right before a tournament. They worked so well together and really implemented what we worked on in practice last week with great results!  No matter the pace of the other teams, 13 Rox stayed focused, played their own game on their terms, and reaped the benefits. We faced better competition and more pressure Sunday, but our girls met the challenge with calm focus and didn’t let mistakes take their minds off that medal they were determined to take home. Congratulations 13 Rox for winning first place in Gold!  Thank you 13 Rox coaches for the privilege of working with such a great group!  You’ve done an excellent job!  Stephanie Wheeler

    12 Rox: 1st in Gold

    It was a pleasure to watch the 12 Rox team work hard and focus on their task for the weekend. With a new line-up in place the team pushed through a little confusion and fought back from a few low spots to win the tournament and not drop a single set. Great work to all, especially those transitioning to new positions this weekend. The coaches are very proud of you. J

    11 Rox: 1st in Gold

    11 Rox placed 1st in the 11′s division. The girls played some very challenging matches that allowed them to grow as players. The team has an amazing ability to come from behind and always give 100%. We learned a lot this weekend and can’t wait for our next tournament!!!


    Colorado Crossroads:

    18 Rox:

    The 18′s had a tough first day in Denver. They started off with the #2 overall seed the first match. After an incredibly played match, TC lost in set 3, 16-18. They lost the next two matches of the day in 3. They are playing some of their best volleyball of the season right now and are proving to be a tough TEAM to beat! They won the rest of their matches, wining flight 2A and finishing 37th overall.

    Volleyfest #1

    11 Rox: Tournament Champions

    11 Navy: 2nd Place Silver

    14 Red:

    This weekend was so much fun!

    I think for the first time playing together the girls did wonderful!

    Once the “first game jitters” were out of the way, going into the 2nd set you could really see them begin to relax. We had some serving issues (all weekend), some more so than others, and our passing could have been better.

    After losing our first game, the girls were a little discouraged, but ready to take on DVA in our 2nd game, we played them a pretty good game, but fell short.  In our 3rd game against Wizard 14 red…we took them to 3 sets, and WON, to take 3rd place in our pool.  Sunday morning in the first round for the silver, we lost to Palm Beach Jrs., but not before putting up a fight, they played hard but just made too many serving errors and that took us out of the game.

    15 Red:

    In the first of three Palm Beach Junior’s Volleyfest tournaments, over the next three months, TC 15-Red knows where they stand.  “With one win each day the team knows how they stack up compared to the competition,” said Coach Blair Wickstrom.  Odds are we’ll be playing many of the same teams during the next two Volleyfest tournaments.  With that being the case it gives us a good chance to gauge our progress for the season.  Already we’ve seen some improvement based on how we competed against a team from a previous tournament.  Three weeks ago it took a tough three set win to beat a team which we beat 25-10 in the decisive second set this weekend.  Our goal in the next Volleyfest tournament will be to beat one of the teams that beat us.

    The bar has been set, we know where we stand.  Each player has improved since the start of the season, overall ball control is much better.  However to get to the point of beating one of the better teams each player will need to improve much more and that’ll come with quality practices.

    OVA Invitational

    12 Rox: 3rd Place Gold Club

    Hopefully good confidences boost moving forward. We went undefeated for the first time this year in pool play not dropping a game. The girls advanced to the semi’s with a solid victory over Miami Elite to fall to the eventual Champions Florida Suns. Keep up the hard work, jump rope every day and do some push-ups. You are great girls lets be ready for Cloverleaf.

    14 Navy:

    Last weekend saw us in a three-way tie again for pool play. This time we came out on top and won our pool!  Day two we won our first match in the gold division and then came up against a very seasoned team. The girls rose to the occasion and played awesome volleyball staying right with them. I am looking forward to seeing this level of play continue. This is a great group of young ladies!

    17 Rox:

    TCVB 17 Rox played well this weekend and ended the OVA invitational tied for 3rd in Silver division and once again finished in top 12 out of 50+ teams.

    We started off the weekend with a good win against Florida Suns then dropped a close match to Miami Elite.  Our third match of the day was, once again, with the #1 team in the tournament (Tampa United) where we played well but were still out matched against this team.  Sunday in our first match of the day was another tough match up against Tribe 17 where the team played really well and competed well but fell short, losing a close one in two sets.  The team is getting better every weekend and the players are all starting to see their potential.  We are looking forward to Cloverleaf in two weeks.


    Nicole Walch, former Treasure Coast and Martin County player, has been named to the AVCA 2nd team All-American. Nicole is only the 4th Seminole in school history to make the All-American team. Great job Nicole you make us all so proud.


    Lady Noles make Sweet 16. Nicole Walch, First team

    All-ACC, and Sarah Wickstrom help lead FSU into the

    sweet 16. Next match is December 12th. Good luck ladies!


    2015 Summer Camps Run By Treasure Coast Coaches:

    All Skills Camp Camp: Coach Krissy Schmidt: tcvbdirector@gmail.com

    June 8-11 from 9 am – 2 pm: 

    2015 All Skills Camp Flyer

    2015 All Skills Camp Flyer Registration Form

    YMCA Camp: Coach Mike Sawtelle: sawtelm@martin.k12.fl.us

    June 15-19 from 9 am – 4 pm:

    South Fork Camp: Coach Jessica Warren: warrenj@martin.k12.fl.us

    July 6-9 from 9 am – 2 pm: 2015 sfhs volleyball summer camper information

    Jensen Beach Camp: Coach Mike Sawtelle: sawtelm@martin.k12.fl.us

    July 20-24 from 9 am – 2 pm: 2015 JB Summer Camp Form

    The hotel website is http://www.tcvbhotels.com

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    2014-15 Parent Handbook: 2014-15 TCVB Parent Handbook Update

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    The mission of Treasure Coast Volleyball is to provide as high a level of volleyball as possible while developing important life skills for our members. Treasure Coast Volleyball will strive to enhance leadership skills, teach self-discipline while building self-confidence, encourage teamwork and promote good sportsmanship. Treasure Coast Volleyball will provide support for our youth in their pursuit of personal excellence.

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